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April 23, 2008

Build Your Skills, Get Others Engaged

Community Mediation offers Facilitation Training

Facilitator training prepares you to moderate group discussions, promoting dialogue that is communicative, effective, balanced, and productive.

Community Mediation held a facilitator training in January.

Facilitators moderate groups using the Study Circles model of discussion. A successfully facilitated discussion Circle:
- Achieves participation from multiple people
- Embraces diversity
- Shares knowledge, resources, power, and decision-making
- Combines dialogue and deliberation to build understanding and explore a wide range of solutions
- Connects dialogue to action, creating real change: social, political, attitudinal and personal.

Facilitator training is hands on and interactive. You will have a chance to practice and get feed back on the skills you have learned.

Community Mediation-trained facilitators have moderated forums on:
- Police-Citizen relations
- Racial tension in New Haven
- Stereotypes in faith communities
- Commercial development in residential areas
- Ex-offenders’ transitions into society
- The use of the “N-word” in schools
- Armed patrols in city neighborhoods

For more information, contact Penny Rogers, Director of Community Programs
at (203) 530-2486 or penny.rogers@community-mediation.org

Community Mediation
32 Elm Street
New Haven, CT 06510

Facilitator Training pamphlet

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