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April 23, 2009

Obama Passes Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act

Tuesday, April 21, President Obama signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act into law. The quick passage and broad support for this legislation are testaments to the power of service to meet pressing national challenges and the wide spread recognition that service is a solution. President Obama called for passage of national service legislation in his joint address to Congress on February 25, and the House and Senate responded with remarkable speed, sending the bill to the President's desk a month later. The fast action on the bill resulted from years of work on a bipartisan basis in Congress, strong leadership from President Obama, and support from America's nonprofit and service sector.

This legislation comes at a moment of need and opportunity for our nation. The economic downturn is causing hardship for millions of Americans putting more people at risk for unemployment, foreclosure, abuse, addiction, and other challenges. National service helps by providing nonprofits with an infusion of people willing to serve to recruit volunteers and manage programs.

Seventy-five years to the day after President Roosevelt signed the Civilian Conservation Corps into law, the House sent President Obama this new sweeping expansion of national service that will engage millions of Americans in solving local problems through volunteering.

Courtesy of AARP Bulletin Today

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