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January 16, 2009

Healthcare4every1 UPDATE

On January 13, an estimated 1,000 people packed the room at Union Station in Hartford to hear about the new heatlth care plan and come together to call for action.
Healthcare4every1 officially released thier new proposal, called SustiNet, to provide quality, affordable health care to everyone in Connecticut. The creators say SustiNet is groundbreaking because it controls skyrocketing costs and provides quality care that puts a premium on preventing illness and coordinating care.

Their next step is to deliver this proposal to Connecticut's legislators and Governor.

To join the campaign and to receive updates, click here. Regular phone calls and emails to your representative and senator will make sure bold action on health care remains a top priority.

For more information please visit healthcare4every1.org.

To read more about Connecticut and health care reform, please visit the following sites.

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