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November 24, 2008

Become a Volunteer Tax Preparer

Help hard-working families claim the Tax Credits they’ve earned!
One hour of your time can boost a family’s annual income by an average of $1,700!

We need Volunteers who are interested in:

Learning how to prepare taxes and become certified by the IRS.
Interacting with individuals and families within our communities.
Giving back to this community by helping residents in need of this service.

We will provide a FANTASTIC volunteer opportunity!

No experience needed.
Supervising tax professional on site at all times.
No liability to the tax preparer (Sites are IRS approved & insured).
Flexible hours.
Great sense of personal satisfaction that you made a difference!

To volunteer contact Cristalyn Vargas (203) 777-0313 or email: Cristalyn@newlifecorp.org

“You can help working families receive what belongs to them. Plus, you get the satisfaction of seeing the smiles of relief when they hear how much money they are getting back from the IRS.”
- A volunteer tax preparer

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