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September 16, 2008

United Way "Touch a Truck" Event a Success

United Way partnered with the Town of Branford to organize Branford’s first ever Touch-A-Truck event!

Touch-A-Truck was a unique, family-oriented one-day event, featuring trucks and cars to touch, climb on and take pictures alongside. The "price of admission" was disposable diapers that will be distributed free, in partnership with The Diaper Bank, to local nonprofits serving families in need. Over 1,300 people attended the event and over 25,000 diapers were donated.

You can view a video of the event on YouTube.

See the longer version

See event pictures (slideshow)

We have also put together some brief video tours of four of the trucks at the event for your kids to check out.

1. Fire Truck
2. Bucket Loader
3. Big Dump Truck
4. Vac and Jet Truck

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