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May 13, 2008

Gallagher To Announce National United Way Goals

In a report to be released on May 14, United Way will issue a challenge to our nation to join all who are working day in and day out to strengthen lives and communities. There are basic things that everyone needs for a good life: a quality education that leads to a stable job, income that can support a family through retirement, and good health. Far too many people in our country do not have these basic building blocks. What's worse, we're seeing disturbing national trends on several key indicators:

  • Education: Children entering school ready to learn; 4th graders who are proficient in reading; young people who graduate from high school on time; and young adults who successfully transition from school to work life

  • Income: Lower-income working families who spend less than 40 percent of their monthly income on housing; have checking or savings accounts and at least $300 saved for emergencies; and own their own homes

  • Health: Babies born with normal birth weight; children with health insurance; and youth and adults who are healthy and avoiding risky behavior

In his keynote address to the United Way Community Leaders Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, United Way of America President and CEO Brian Gallagher will urge the country to put a stake in the ground to turn around these disturbing trends, and will outline three specific goals to advance the common good over the next 10 years.

Here at United Way of Greater New Haven we are throwing our resources behind this effort, and we'll be inviting everyone from the nonprofit, business and government sectors in this region to join us to achieve these goals and create opportunities for a better life for all.

If you'd like to watch this important address live, please join the webcast of the conference at 3:15 p.m. ET on Wednesday, May 14. (Instructions for accessing the webcast are below.)

The report will be available at http://www.blogger.com/www.liveunited.org/goals on May 15.

We hope you'll agree that the goals are worthy of our collective commitment, and we look forward to our continued partnership.

Instructions for viewing the live webcast:

  1. Confirm that your computer can connect to the webcast by performing a system self-test ahead of time.
    Click here to test: http://admin.adobe.acrobat.com/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm

  2. Make sure your PC speakers or headset is working. The sound for the webcast will be coming through your PC headset/speakers only.a
    (Note: There is no dial-in number for this event.)

  3. To log in to the webcast, go to http://uwa.acrobat.com/clc2008 at least 10 minutes before the session.

  4. In the Adobe Connect login screen, use the first login option to login as a GUEST. Please enter your first and last name.

  5. If you need technical assistance, please contact Marcia Struniak, United Way of America Registrar, at 703.836.7112, ext. 237, or Marcia.struniak@uwa.unitedway.org.

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