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June 25, 2006

United Way Employee Selected Co-Chair of the Greater New Haven Association of Volunteer Administrators


Media Contact: Michelle Wade
203.772.2010, Ext.202

Janitha McCray Price, Community Impact Associate and Volunteer Link Coordinator at United Way of Greater New Haven, has recently been elected Co-Chair of the Greater New Haven Association of Volunteer Administrators (GNHAVA). GNHAVA is a professional membership organization uniting individuals engaged in volunteer management and dedicated to enhancing the competency of volunteer administrators and strengthening the profession of volunteer resource management.

Founded in 1983, the main goal of GNHAVA is to promote combining efforts between agencies and volunteer administrators, creating an environment that supports the enrichment of volunteer programs by sharing information and resources. This organization also provides a significant opportunity for networking as members plan and act together on matters of common interest.

Since joining GNHAVA in 2002, McCray Price has served as the organizations membership chair. Her responsibilities included developing membership materials, creating and implementing new recruitment and retention plans, and corresponding on behalf of the Association with newsletters and notifications to members and other entities.

Her new position as Co-Chair entails committing to co-leading and working collectively as one of the principal officers of the Association. McCray Price will preside at all meetings of the Board and Executive Committee and appoint all standing and special committee chairs with the approval of the Executive Committee. McCray Price is responsible for selecting and appointing committee chairs while simultaneously serving and working on activities for each committee as needed.
GNHAVA’s 2006-2007 Annual Membership is $50.00 and includes one pre-paid seat at each of GNHAVA's three workshops during 2006-2007, one pre-paid seat at AVA’s Annual Meeting, Opportunities for networking and publicizing organizational events on GNHAVA's website and quarterly newsletter. For more information contact new Membership Chair, Beverly Kidder at (203) 785-8533 or choicessccaa@snet.net.

About United Way:
United Way mobilizes the caring power of our community to create measurable, sustainable change and to improve lives. To do this we: help identify our region's greatest needs and best opportunities for change; raise dollars and invest those dollars for results; connect people to their caring through volunteer opportunities.

More information about United Way of Greater New Haven's community leadership and how you can help can be found at www.uwgnh.org.


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